Saturday, February 6, 2010

La Voz de los de Abajo Delegation January 24-31 2010

Solidarity and Human Rights Delegation to Honduras - January 24-31, 2010

Seven people travled to Honduras to accompany the resistance as human rights observers in solidarity with the people of Honduras against the coup d'etat. We interviewed individuals, organizations and communities in resistance from San Pedro Sula, El Progreso, Siguatepeque, La Paz, and Tegucigalpa. the delegation presented our findings on the serious and deteriorating human rights situation in Honduras to the US Embassy and held a press conference in Tegucigalpa. The delgation accompanied the grand march of resistance on January 27th, the day that the new coup government of Pepe Lobo assumed power. The march of 300,000 people in resistance went to the Tegucigalp Airport to salute President Mel Zelaya who left the country on the same day. The Resistance remains massive, peaceful and resolute.
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