Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chance for justice-Trial Continues

Chabelo's trial 
October 20
Greg McCain

Osorto's Refusal

Today's hearing began with the possibility of another suspension hanging over it. Police Commissioner Henry Osorto and another witness, known to the court as Protected Witness 2 (PW2), have refused to appear to testify, stating that Trujillo was too unsafe for them. Their rationale being that since their family was killed in Trujillo there are people still plotting to kill them. Nevermind that Osorto is now a Commissioner in the National Police and has the resources to order police from everywhere in the country, there is not enough security in Trujillo for him.

The Defense pointed out that the security concerns weren't credible plus there isn't any proof that Osorto has received threats. In addition, the Defence pointed out that the law stipulates that no one is entitled to preferential treatment including members of the police or military.

Each time that the court has requested their appearence the response from the Prosecutor has changed with Osorto's excuses increasing in intensity. At the beginning of the trial his reason was that he was bothered by the fact that there was a retrial and that he couldn't give a specific date for when he would appear. The hearings were suspended to accomadate his schedule and when reconvened he was now fearful for his safety. When the court didn't capitulate to these blatant manipulations there were suddenly threats against him and the other witness.

The judges weren't buying it. They decided that there would not be another suspension of the trial nor a change of venue. The case would proceed as scheduled.

The morning session concluded after less than an hour and with the decision that after lunch the Defence could present their witnesses.

When the hearing reconvened, three witnesses testified for the Defense collaborating Chabelo's statements that he got to the scene after the deaths had occurred. The first witness was the photographer who had taken the photo that Henry Osorto and the Prosecutor's office had manufactured the case around. His testimony corroborated Chabelo's statements that he was there to retrieve the body of a friend that had been killed by shots fired from the Osorto house. When the witness arrived he saw Chabelo on a bicycle in a crowd of people about 100 km from the Osorto house. The house was already in flames. He snapped the photo of Chabelo just as the dead friend's body was being moved to a car to return to the community.

The other two witnesses corroborated Chabelo's story of being in the community in the late afternoon and went to the scene of the incident when the wife of the friend who had died was pleading for him to help bring the friend home.

This concluded the Defense's evidence. The judges asked the Prosecutor if there had been any changes regarding  Osorto and PW2 appearing. Suddenly, Trujillo wasn't the dangerous place that it had been just this morning as the Prosecutor stated that Osorto and PW2 would appear tomorrow. We'll see.

Whether they do or not, tomorrow should be the last day of the trial as both sides have presented their cases short the testimonies of the no shows. The court has stated that they will not entertain any more manipulations. We shall see.

Friday, May 24, 2013

November Elections Delegation

La Voz de los de Abajo - Chicago

Join Us in November 2013 in Honduras
Human Rights and Election Observer Delegation

On June 28, 2009 there was a coup d’état in Honduras. The coup carried out by the Honduran oligarchy, military, and police was condemned around the world but encouraged by the U.S. government which has continued to work to legitimize the coup governments. Many tens of thousands of Hondurans took to the street in resistance and have maintained their resistance for more than 3 years despite a continuing human rights crises that has left hundreds of activists murdered.

Now a real opposition party born out of the resistance movement is participating in the national elections on November 24, 2013.  The LIBRE Party is running ahead of the traditional pro-coup parties and its candidates and supporters are the targets of violence and intimidation. Honduran social justice activists and human rights defenders are calling for international observers to accompany them during the elections. 

In response to that call La Voz de los de Abajo  is organizing delegations in November 2013.  The delegations will be working in different areas of the country to help provide human rights coverage and election observation where it is most needed.  We are planning to  a 10 day and a 5 day option. 

For more information about the delegation contact us at: lavozchicago@yahoo.com

La Voz de los de Abajo has been organizing delegations in solidarity with Honduras for almost 15 years. Since the 2009 coup we have taken 7 delegations to accompany the social justice organizations and resistance across the country. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Report Back - Delegation to Honduras September 2012

Video - Music - Conversation and Discussion
20 de Octubre - October 20  -  7pm
Meztli Gallery & Cultural Center - 2005 South Blue Island Avenue (Pilsen)

From September 6-16, 2012 a La Voz de los de Abajo delegation of 9 human rights activists from the United States visited Honduras. We met with campesino and indigenous communities and organizations, with leaders of the Sexual Diversity Movement, the resistance political party LIBRE, independent radio stations and Honduran human rights organizations.  We heard the stories of the hundreds of  political assassinations and violent attacks on people since the coup in June 2009. We saw with our own eyes the effects of the militarization and use of paramilitaries when our delegation was directly threatened by private paramilitary.  Everywhere we went the people asked us to make the United States government stop supporting the Honduran military, police, paramilitary and government. Let us share this reality with you and talk about what we can do here so the Hondurans can refound their country.

Desde el 6 a las 16 de septiembre, 2012 una delegación organizada por La Voz de los de Abajo de nueve activistas de derechos humanos de Estados Unidos visitó Honduras. Nos reunimos con las comunidades campesinas e indígenas y sus organizaciones; con los líderes del Movimiento de la Diversidad Sexual, partido política de la  resistencia, LIBRE;  las estaciones de radio independientes y organizaciones de derechos humanos en Honduras. Escuchamos las historias de los más de 100 asesinatos políticos desde el golpe de Estado en junio de 2009 y también vimos con nuestros propios ojos a los efectos de la militarización y el uso de los paramilitares. De hecho, nuestra delegación fue amenazado directamente por los guardias privados paramilitares. Por todos lados la gente nos pidió que hacemos algo para que el gobierno de Estados Unidos deja de apoyar a los militares, la policía, los paramilitares y el gobierno hondureño. Vamos a compartir esta realidad con usted y hablamos de que podemos hacer aquí, para que los hondureños pueden refundar su país.